UX Masterclass; How to improve your ROI

In Usability by Mark Cox

We have created a brief UX Masterclass which focuses on 20 things that will show you how to improve your return on investment with UX.

The UX industry has taken a number of years to grow into something which is widely recognised and businesses now pay great attention to. Without a great user experience customers will not be pleased with your product, even if is fantastic, and will move on to another company.

For example, when websites began to have the ability to feature complex, interactive features, many companies thought it would be great to create websites which users could personalise and show loads of content all at the same time. However, due to average internet speeds not keeping up with the rate of web development, websites started taking longer to load. Companies which had worked on bringing their customers an interactive website saw their sales fall and their bounce rates increase. What had happened was that the interactive websites had seen an increase in load time which had frustrated customers – Article

At a basic level, UX design is about addressing the needs and wants of your users and producing products which are a pleasure to use. It is a continuous process as user’s needs are always changing and people evolve their expectations towards technology.

This needn’t be costly. Norman Nielsen Group, states that observing only five users uncovers about 85% of all usability problems.

Hiring an outside UX agency may be the best way to test your product as this can uncover the most common problems. Tests will find any usability issues and explain how to fix them. Most of the time websites fail because they do not focus enough on what the customer wants and needs.

Why UX is important

If you are interested in this course then you may be wondering what the benefits are for your business. Improving your site’s user experience will; increase sales, create a website which is easier to manage, engage and increase satisfaction amongst customers.

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