Trust Badges can Increase Your Conversion Rate

In Usability by Oliver Strange

There is a simple way to increase conversion on any website selling products or services. Use trust badges. A study conducted by Synovate revealed that 94% of shoppers were more likely to complete a purchase when the Norton trust badge was displayed. This shows that trust badges are definitely something that you need to be taking advantage of on your website.

What are Trust Badges?

Trust badges are icons which show users that your website has been checked by a third party to confirm that it’s authentic. There are many commonly used trust badges, but the most common and trusted one, shown by this graph from Baymard Institute, is the Norton trust badge.

trust stamp graph

How do I use Trust Badges?

Trust badges are best used where personal information needs to be entered. The diagram below shows a test conducted by blue fountain media. It proved that when the trust badge was visible sales were increased by 42%. You could achieve the same effect on your website if you follow the same steps as shown below. The second page has an easily visible trust badge next to the area where personal information is entered, boosting the conversion rate.

before trust stamp         after trust stamp

How do Trust Badges Work?

When the user then sees this badge, they trust the website displaying it. The user will feel more comfortable buying from your website and signing up to your newsletter. A study from Matthew Neiderberger proves that 70% of online shoppers cancelled their order because they didn’t trust the seller. That’s something that must be avoided, and trust badges can solve that.

Trust badges are a very useful addition to your website. They can boost conversion rates by proving to users that your website can be trusted. If you want to get the most out of your website, use trust symbols.