Creating wireframes is a key element for most UX design projects. A wireframe is a representation of what users will see on the screen. Wireframes are the ultimate UX artefact, they don’t take much time to create and you can share them with your team and discuss elements on the early stages of design.

Wireframes are very powerful, you can quickly create a prototype and test interactions, labels, layouts or any other elements of your interface. This can help us identify usability issues before building the product, which is far more cost and time-effective than other traditional design methods. Normally wireframes don’t have any colour, and use a standard typeface, these visual design details will come later on the design process. Once you have agreed with your team the layout, hierarchy, content and interactions, you can move on and increase the fidelity of your wireframes.


We’ll design your wireframes

Key benefits of Wireframing with Channel Dynamics

  • You don’t have to wait for visually refined interfaces to test your product
  • Builds a solid foundation for your final screens
  • It’s a great communication tool that you can share with your team
We’ll design your wireframes
  • The cost of developing wireframes on early design stages is very low, compared to other traditional design methodologies
  • Wireframes work particularly well if they follow and build on the foundation of digital strategy or customer insight

Just a few of the recent clients for whom we’ve created wireframes

“The process of working with Channel Dynamics has been an invaluable experience. We moved from idea to user tested interactive prototypes in a couple of weeks. The IT team were able to build the final proposition with the confidence that it would be right for users.”Head of Marketing and Retail Channels at First Rate

We will help you design your wireframes

If you would like work with us to help you make wireframes for a new website, tablet of mobile app, or if you would like a free consultation about your current project, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to start a conversation.