Usability Testing

User Research and Testing (or Usability Testing) helps you optimise your user journeys by removing any blockers that are preventing your users from completing key tasks when interacting with your digital property. This will ultimately improve customer engagement and increase the conversion rate for the purchase of your products and services.

We’ll conduct your usability tests

Channel Dynamics’s clients are able to receive immediate uplifts and the user testing process has demonstrable ROI, often paying for itself in a matter of days. User Testing enables you to identify any elements of your website, tablet, mobile, software or service experience that requires attention.


User Research and Testing in our London Zone 1 Research Labs

We run our User Testing sessions in our central London in-house testing and observation research labs. Channel Dynamics can design the tests based on your company objectives and requirements. We test your proposition with a screened sample that have been matched to the correct persona types of your typical users.

Channel Dynamics also organise the screening and recruitment of your test participants and present you with an easily actionable insight report of the key findings that require immediate attention. This enables your to easily implement the elements that will give you the quickest impact first.

User Testing Facilities Overview

  • All studies planned, executed and debriefed by experienced researchers
  • 5 minutes from London Bridge mainline, Northern and Jubilee tube lines
  • Comfortable seating for observers with 90 inch projection screen and full audio visual viewing
We’ll conduct your usability tests
  • Complementary beverages and light lunch, use of wireless network
  • Remote dial-in viewing available
  • Industry standard Techsmith Morae software & copies of all tests on DVD
  • Tablet and mobile testing for iPhone, iPad and Android usability studies

Key benefits of User Testing with Channel Dynamics

  • Understand your users’ real behaviours
  • Experiment on numerous variations with low risk
  • All studies planned, executed and debriefed by experienced researchers
  • Identify the real customer drivers through face to face questioning
  • Apply learning gained to strengthen the product’s design features to aid conversion, retention, customer engagement and ROI
  • No need to disturb your over-worked Dev team
  • Remove guesswork in design decisions

Usability Testing Outputs – Example

After Channel Dynamics analyses the user testing sessions and video content, we provide you with a summary traffic light report presentation in Power Point or Word format to outline the main issues that need to be addressed. We will offer you an explanation of the process, findings and actionable recommendations. It is key for you to understand the list of issues and ways to resolve these before making any changes to your website, mobile or software product.

The output report will give you the maximum impact that will increase customer engagement and ultimately your conversion rates on the associated user journeys.

Just a few of the recent clients for whom we’ve conducted usability testing

“The process of working with Channel Dynamics has been an invaluable experience. We moved from idea to user tested interactive prototypes in a couple of weeks. The IT team were able to build the final proposition with the confidence that it would be right for users.”Head of Marketing and Retail Channels at First Rate

We will conduct your User Research and Testing

If you would like to book some user testing sessions, or if you would like a free consultation about your current project, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to start a conversation.