What, why, when, how and who are as important as setting the context for market, business, technology and, crucially, the customer. We have a range of tools to help and we’ll pick and mix what’s best for you and your problem.

Persona Development

Before you undertake any user centred development, it’s important to understand your customer, goals, behaviours, motivations and attitudes towards your product and services.
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Customer Journey Map

Getting clarity around how different customer groups interact with a service or brand is a crucial step in taking control of the direction of a digital customer experience strategy.
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Usability Testing

User testing (or more properly ‘user research’, after all, we’re testing our designs not our users) involves watching, analysing and interviewing customers before, during and after they interact with your website, app or service.
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Card Sorting

Card sorting is an Information Architecture (IA) technique, whereby your target audience labels and groups topic cards to help organise the information and navigation of each of your digital assets in a manner they understand.
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Conversion Blueprint

For best results while conducting Conversion Rate Optimisation it's important to have a clear blueprint to start with. We'll help you set up your CRO strategy.

Strategy + Planning

Profitable brands have high level of employee and customer engagement. the right processes and tools. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we can help you plot a course.