Google Analytics Health Check, Setup & Dashboards

We’ve found that in around 90% of cases, our clients have set up their Google Analytics in the wrong way. This means that you are probably not tracking your web and mobile traffic correctly.

Scary Isn’t it? Web analytics are the foundation of any digital product or service. If our experts find out your digital house is on shaky ground, we’ll work with you to fix the problems.

We’ll then move on to your plumbing to help you spot the leaks.

Key benefits of undertaking your Analytics projects with Channel Dynamics

  • Find out if your analytics is set up in the right way
  • We will help you to create clear monthly reporting dashboards
  • Identify the website pages where you are losing users
  • Find out the different usage patterns between your desktop and mobile users
  • Identify the users that are likely to be more closely engaged
  • Pinpoint key drop off points during a checkout or conversion process
  • Establish the most effective marketing channel mix to deliver your conversions
  • Calculate the digital marketing campaigns that deliver you the highest visitor numbers and best ROI
  • We can provide project based consultancy or support your team on an on-going basis
  • We can even work with your team to deliver you Google Analytics training if required

How Channel Dynamics can help improve your Analytics

Clients often like us to undertake our Google Analytics consultancy as part of a larger Customer insight & user research project to inform the user experience design process.

We’ll help you make sure your GA installation will perform as it should to provide an accurate view of your website performance.

We will work with your teams or can take care of this element for you. Our no hassle set up and reporting dashboard will give you everything you need. Track your KPIs on a weekly or monthly basis. We’ll give you extra insight and analysis too.

Some of the features of Google Analytics

Becoming proficient in Google Analytics or other analytics packages can take time. We can help you deliver the valuable KPI information you need, Including:

  • Custom Dashboard reports
  • Conversation journey optimisation
  • Goal funnels setup and analysis
  • Number of page views
  • Customer Reports
  • Optimum campaign tagging


“The process of working with Channel Dynamics has been an invaluable experience. We moved from idea to user tested interactive prototypes in a couple of weeks. The IT team were able to build the final proposition with the confidence that it would be right for users.”Head of Marketing and Retail Channels at First Rate

We will help you fix your Google Analytics

Remember, we can make things better in 90% of consultations. If you have any doubts, get an analytics health check. Fix your current setup. Add some custom dashboards.