Predictable Selling Systems

We'll craft you a sales machine using human psychology, data and technology to reliably grow your business in 90 days or less...

Start with the end in mind

Do you wish you could get your product or service in front of more buyers? We get it. You think you've got a great offer, but you struggle to hit the mark and you’re not sure why.

You spend significant amounts of money on traditional marketing channels with disappointing results. To make it worse, your competitors seem to be killing it. Marketing and sales don’t need to be this tough. It all starts with a predictable selling system.

The old way

The new way

Struggling to generate leads

Demos/Trials that won't convert

Difficult to measure ROI

Stagnating growth

Marketing poorly aligned to sales

High-quality leads on tap, 24/7

Demos/Trials that constantly convert

Easily measurable ROI

Struggling to generate leads

Predictable, scalable growth

We’re Channel D and we use human psychology, data and science to generate and validate the right type of leads that turn warm buyers in to sales in an automated way. We’ve been doing this with clients for over 20 years. Predictable, measurable and scalable results; and we can help you do this in 90 days (or less).

How it works: Our 6 step process


STEP 1: Discover

Together, we identify who you are, your ideal clients, their frustrations and your ideal sales conversation. This is mapped in a 1 day workshop and forms the basis of your predictable selling system.


STEP 2: Plan

We'll take the outputs from the workshop and plan this in to a roadmap over 7-10 days. This will identify how your new selling system will work, the key interactions and next actions.


STEP 3: Create

Our team will make the plan a reality over the next 30 days. We'll develop your key landing pages and write the draft copy. We set up reporting, email flows and lead content, getting you ready to launch a test.


STEP 6: Scale

The final step in the process is scaling. At this point we'll know that each step of the funnel is optimised and understand the ROI. We focus on the most effective channels first and increase volume and sales.


STEP 5: Optimise

Now we have removed initial blockers we want to make sure every step of the funnel is optimised to maximise conversion rates. We'll spend the next 15-30 days doing this so that we can guarantee predictable sales.


STEP 4: Test

Before full launch we want to make sure that everything make sense to your target customers. We run some test campaigns over the next 15-30 days and get user feedback on any potential blockers before roll out.


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What our clients are saying


"I brought Channel Dynamics into the business to help drive forward a more user centric approach to our digital development. They rapidly gathered top level requirements, personas, built wireframes and tested them with our target audience. The team were responsive to our business needs."

Richard Cook, Operations Director,
Centaur Media


"Working with CD has allowed us to gain a real insight into users’ requirements and ensure that all future digital developments put the user experience at the forefront of the Post Office proposition. They are a pleasure 
to work with and we'll continue to work with them going forward"

Richard Abbott, Senior Manager Digital
Post Office


"The Channel Dynamics process has been an invaluable experience. We moved from idea to user tested interactive prototypes in a couple of weeks. The IT team were able to build the final proposition with the confidence that it would be right for users and we launched exactly to plan"

Sue Marsh, Head of Marketing Channels
First Rate