The Royal British Legion

19% improvement in the number of donations

The client

The Royal British Legion (RBL) approached us to help them optimize the donations journey across their mobile, web and tablet devices. We developed a prototype with some suggested changes to test with users before implementation, followed by A/B testing work to further refine the process.

The challenge

The Royal British Legion wanted to work with our experienced UX consultants to optimise the donations journey for their key persona groups.

The main objectives were to:

• Identify a list of UX improvements for the existing donations journey.
• Focus the donations journey around the needs of their core persona groups.
• Develop these changes in to a revised interactive prototype to test with users.
Identify any potential issues through usability testing and modify the prototype to take these changes in to consideration ready for implementation.
Optimise the user journey using A/B testing to increase the number of donations.

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Our approach

We started the process with an end to end review of the existing donations journey based on the requirements of their user personas following a number of 1:1 interviews.

We also performed an expert review of the process to identify any potential missed opportunities for improving the overall conversion rate to donation.

We consolidated this information and built it in to an interactive clickable prototype that was then used as the basis of discussion during usability testing. These sessions informed us of the effectiveness of the potential changes and identified additional areas for improvement that had not been identified. The prototype was updated and the developers used this to inform the final website changes.

Following the implementation of the journey modifications we worked with the client team to make some additional improvements through A/B testing. Our preferred tool of choice for this is Optimizely, although we can also use Visual Web Optimizer.

“Channel Dynamics were able to guide us through the optimisation of the Legion donations journey. They were professional in their approach and identified new areas of focus for our activities. We will definitely work with them again for future phases of the website development.”Digital Manager at Royal British Legion

The results

The changes led to a 19% improvement in the number of donations made through the website, and this is now being further optimised to better the existing control journey. This was a successful outcome for the client and provided them with a clear return on investment.

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