User Centred UX Design

The client

BigHand creates digital dictation software that enables busy professionals to get more done. They have 280,000 users across 1,700 customer organisations who have improved their business operations by using BigHand’s software.

So it was with great pleasure that BigHand approached us to help them design the forthcoming version of their already hugely popular software.

The challenge

BigHand were interested in leveraging our user experience, product development, testing and evaluation and design expertise to create a brand new interface for their dictation platform.

The main objectives were to:

• Establish a baseline measure for the overall ease of use and effectiveness of the existing BigHand application and focus on where improvements can be made.
• Obtain an understanding of users’ expectations and opinions of the Product through lab based user testing and in-depth stakeholder interviews.
• Help create a platform that can be built upon and extended sustainably in the future.
Maximise the efficiency of all BigHand user groups, by smoothing workflows and introducing simplicity and delight into their day.
• Present BigHand’s valued users with a greatly enhanced aesthetic and User Interface design.
Validate the user experience for the new software interface and obtain further insight from customers about their existing preferences through 1:1 contextual user research and testing.

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Our approach

We undertook a series of four agile sprints, consisting of process definition & contextual research, where we identified users attitudes, motivations, behaviours and goals and modelled the user experience in detail and to validate our hypotheses. This was then followed by two prototyping sprints before we applied the design layer and worked iteratively to achieve the project sign-off.

As a central supplier to BigHand’s new digital product development we helped ensure that the customer is at the core of their proposition, improving product up-take and satisfaction and increasing customer interactions with their dictation service.

“We engaged Channel Dynamics to help us develop a ground up re-design of our main dictation software tool. We needed to follow a customer centred approach to the new designs to make sure that the new version would be as intuitive as possible. Channel Dynamics guided us through the process and simplified the product down to the core functions and optimised these during a 3 month design cycle. We can now move forward with the confidence that our new product will be a step ahead of the competition.”IT Director at BigHand

The results

As a direct result of our work, BigHand has become more user-centric in its approach to product development. Having watched the user testing live and seeing, first-hand, a number of unexpected product issues, they continue to implement the recommendations with great success. The latest version of the BigHand dictation software is currently in development and we look forward to seeing its launch.

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